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Career Partners (NZ’s Career Transition market leader) and Strategic People Solutions (our international Change & High Performance business) have merged to become FuturePath International.

This creates Asia Pacific’s Leading Future of Work Business.

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Welcome to FuturePath!




Sustainable high performance is based on a very simple formula which will create Competitive Advantage right across your organisation.

Achievement requires a high level of alignment between your strategic direction, your ability to execute strategy (quickly and simply), your core expertise as well as your willingness to constantly Reframe & Challenge as the world around you changes.

Often organisations hold firm to what has made them successful in the past – or hold firm to their committed strategies. Yet time and again we have seen success be won by those organisations who are prepared to Reframe and build new capabilities.

As a result today your Sustainable Competitive Advantage (and your success) ultimately lies in how your organisation thinks and acts.

Our strategy of focusing on the essential few Strategic Objectives (using Vision to Action) and then harnessing the capability of your teams to Execute these outcomes is the reason that internationally we have been able to consistently Transform performance and deliver breakthrough results.

Your biggest asset is Transforming and Reframing how your people use their talents and what they do with the knowledge that they have.

It is how they think and act. It is how they execute, rethink, challenge and learn that creates a winning Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Talk to us today about how to build this capability across your organisation.


Why We Succeed

  • Remarkable People

With 24 expert Consultants across New Zealand we have an unapparelled ability to deliver World Class Programmes in every Regional Centre across the country                                                                                                       

  • Design & Customisation

Every programme that we deliver has been designed and customised to fit our client’s specific requirements and to deliver transformational outcomes for them

  • World Class Resources

Our tools, methodologies, programmes and materials - including our Online Resources - are based on extensive research and thinking that makes them both innovative and leading edge in terms of content and presentation

  • Net Promoter Score

With a NPS Score of +78 we are rated by our clients as amongst the most highly rated organisations on the planet for the delivery of client outcomes


  • Innovative Thinking

For over 25 years we have developed innovative and breakthrough programmes that have transformed the way people and organisations have thought and performed                                                                                                        

  • We Value Results

What we do and the tools that we use are focused on delivering the outcomes that our clients want to see delivered. This is our core DNA – the ability to always successfully deliver!!!!!

Our Expertise